Fred Sokolow is Now Doing Parody? You Bet!

Some Things are Timeless, Including Fred Sokolow…

The Tongue-In-Creek band makes a lot of jokes at the expense of their senior member, Fred Sokolow. Ageism aside, the fact that Fred is 74 years old means that he brings not only experience and expertise, but first hand wisdom as to which songs have indeed stood the test of time. Fred is more than a renowned, accomplished multi-instrumentalist, he is a songwriter, a singer, a teacher, an author (of over 200 instructional books and videos), but perhaps most importantly he is a historian.

In deciding which songs to parody, Lynn wanted something timeless. She paid attention to what she learned from Fred about the enduring talents of artists like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Carter Family and Bill Monroe. She also knew that Fred’s superb musicianship, solid sense of humor, and notoriety would serve to legitimize the project.

Music and laughter are timeless, and good music is eternal. In all civilizations, throughout the ages, music is vital at important ceremonies. A sense of humor is also an essential part of  life, helping cope with the slings and arrows that come with the day to day business of living. Putting these two timeless ingredients together is the mission statement of Tongue-in-Creek, and Fred, with his musical and historical expertise, not only helps chart our course…he gives us someone to really make fun of!