Video Launch “Man of Constant Borrow”

Los Angeles based Bluegrass/ Country parody band, Tongue -in-Creek, will be hitting social media in the funny bone with their debut video “Man of Constant Borrow.”

Directed by West Virginia’s Josh McComas, of Cledus T. Judd fame, Tongue -in-Creek shot their rollicking promo over 3 days at iconic locations in and around Los Angeles.

“The video takes a humorous swipe at being in debt…something we can all relate to,” says band leader Lynn Sokolow.

When asked about highlights of the shoot, Lynn’s partner -in -band crime, front man and mandolinist Bill Birrell, laughed. “The best part was getting thrown out of the cemetery- I kid you not …for disturbing the peace!”

Inspired by Weir Al Yankovic, Lynn began writing parodies to classic country and bluegrass hits last year.  She then roped her husband, world famous multi string player, Fred Sokolow into the project, and with Bill on board, she persuaded bluegrass virtuosos Alexander Martin and Randall Sommer to join the effort. The result is a band that is as entertaining as it gets.

Tongue -in-Creek has been exceedingly well received. Their shows have drawn sell out crowds, and new material is constantly in the works. Their “Man of Constant Borrow” is everything you want in a parody style video. Expert musicianship, clever lyrics, and a whimsical visual story.