Man of Constant Borrow

Tongue in Creek

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Man of Constant Borrow

I am a man of constant borrow
I’ve paid interest all my days
I bid farewell to all my money
I owe it now to Wells and Chase
(He owes it now to Wells and Chase)

For six long years I spent a bundle
On pleasures here on Earth I found
For at the track, I loved to gamble
I have my debts to haunt me now
(He has his debts to haunt him now)

It’s fare-thee-well my brand new Beemer
I never expect to see you again
For I’m bound to drive this banged up Kia
Until it dies in the pouring rain
(Until it dies in the pouring rain)

You can bury me in sky high interest
For many years that I will pay
I hope my loan’s enough to cover
The cost of sleeping in my grave
(cost of sleeping in his grave)

Maybe your friends think I’m just a loser
My savings never will be no more
But there is one promise that is given
I’m debt free on God’s golden shore
(We’re debt free on God’s golden shore)